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Kite strut hose

Created by Scottymitcho Thursday, 6 Dec 2018
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Thursday , 6 Dec 2018 2:18PM
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Hi guys,

I have quite an old LF NV and my strut hoses have all started to split.

They are just held on by zip ties which I can get from work. Any chance I could just buy some new rubber tube from Clark Rubber or Bunnings? Or will I have to buy a hose kite from a kite shop?


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Thursday , 6 Dec 2018 7:21PM
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I have used the clear vinyl pipe in the hoses section of bumrings on Fone kites for that exact job

WA, 8 posts
Thursday , 6 Dec 2018 6:09PM
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The hoses on older North kites looks exactly the same as the exercise tubing sold by Clark Rubber so I used that and it seems to be holding up fine. I don't think you need to buy kite specific hose.

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Thursday , 6 Dec 2018 7:17PM
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Check your pouches as you may have spares hidden in bag, if not fuel line pipe is a better quality than standard Bunnings hose, check your internal diameter as some tube walls are a lot thicker
decent ties also some have poor uv quality, when you snip the waste from ties be sure to make sure no sharp edges as it'll pierce the canopy, you can put them on to avoid this and cover with rubber tubing

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Friday , 7 Dec 2018 3:53AM
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Sweet, cheers for the help everyone!

WA, 61 posts
Friday , 7 Dec 2018 6:38AM
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Hi buddy - where are you based?
If in WA then give me a shout as I have the two main diameters in stock at my workshop here in Perth.
The Sail Doctor

NSW, 222 posts
Friday , 7 Dec 2018 11:25AM
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Fuel pump lines from supercheap or repco...with bigger internal diameters work well and close to home.


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