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Kite line lengths

Created by bramber 1 month ago, 21 Oct 2020
VIC, 100 posts
21 Oct 2020 2:00PM
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Related to my post about how to shorten kite lines, what shortened line lengths are people using?

I was thinking 22m for improving kite looping, is this a good length for this or is another length better?

Also are there other reasons to shorten line lengths and if so how long is best for those applications?

Looking for the ideas before I shorten my lines permanently...

QLD, 120 posts
21 Oct 2020 2:01PM
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since start of the year people moved to 0m lines, just hold the kite direct at the middle bladder. Best application is for mowing the lawn and super safe looping. Super trendy too

VIC, 100 posts
23 Oct 2020 3:52AM
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Anyone got any useful suggestions?

490 posts
23 Oct 2020 3:28AM
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Start with 22, you will feel a noticeable difference from 24.
kiteloops are quicker and more forgiving. Generally improved handling- slight loss of power, but the kite will still go upwind as well or better than 24.

WA, 343 posts
23 Oct 2020 6:26AM
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I agree, 22m is a god place to start. I did find a huge difference in turning speed on the wave which is what I was after. Much more responsive. I personally found it very different going up wind. I got to a point where I'd stop dead in the water. It took a bit of getting used to but worth it for the responsiveness wave riding.

NSW, 155 posts
23 Oct 2020 9:26AM
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I normally use standard 25m Ozones, but have a 23m set on a 45cm bar for my 8 and 6 in stronger winds. Find it more direct and predictable. Also find it doesn't hunt as much in the really strong gusts. Any power loss in stronger winds is negligible.

WA, 783 posts
11 Nov 2020 3:57PM
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Hi Bramber,

Personally, I used to prefer 20m lines for kite looping as opposed to 24m. A 2m difference is barely noticeable, going to 4m is noticeable. Kite is much more direct and loops lower giving a good hard yank.

You've most likely seen many of the Core kiteloops in ads, these are usually on around 12-13m lines. This is proper gnarly for loops, but takes too much away from the general riding ease and you need to be super lit.


WA, 1211 posts
11 Nov 2020 4:23PM
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That has to be the best promo video!! Makes you want to sent it, maybe not buy core but definitely send it.

WA, 854 posts
12 Nov 2020 4:53PM
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had a shorter line phase
19m for surfing and down wind
lot of power loss , negligible turning benefit
back to 24m ,

that vid is great, but waaaay above my pay grade.


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