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How safe it is to buy from seabreeze using bank transfer

Created by Bobby555 7 months ago, 1 Feb 2020
QLD, 111 posts
11 Feb 2020 6:55AM
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salvatore13 said..

KBGhost said..
Another way is you can ask for pics of ID before sending a large bank transfer. Drivers licence + credit card with paper stuck over numbers + Medicare card is a pretty hard combo to fake but easy for a genuine guy to take a pic and send.

Sharing ID and Credit Card pictures with a random people over the internet? xD That's probably the worst idea I've ever heard of. It's against the basic internet safety rules...

So is sending a chunk of your money to a random stranger who's asking for it. Trust has to be established somehow. If they cover the numbers then all that's being shared is name and address which is perfectly reasonable to request.

QLD, 41 posts
11 Feb 2020 7:37AM
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At least you know your risk... Who knows what your ID or Credit Card could be used for by some criminals...My advice would be asking for a photo of a letter from the state institution or a bank, just to see the name and address. That should be enough to establish trust

NSW, 121 posts
11 Feb 2020 10:20AM
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I have Never had a problem Selling any of my Kite gear on Seabreeze. As long as you take the necessary precautions everything should be alright.

I totally recommend Seabreeze.


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"How safe it is to buy from seabreeze using bank transfer" started by Bobby555