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Fiji Kite surfing - Plantation resort

Created by Pistol_pete 7 months ago, 5 Jul 2018
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5 Jul 2018 1:31PM
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Heading to Plantation Resort Fiji middle of July with the family. Anyone experience of kiting here or jumping on the surf boats and kiting any of the surf breaks?

Obviously packing a surfboard but interested to hear of any wave or foiling kitesurf options.


WA, 118 posts
5 Jul 2018 12:07PM
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Went to Platation Island a few years back kiting, pretty much a waste of time, did manage to get out to Cloudbreak for a kite, boat launch was about as dodgie as it gets boat drivers have no clue about kites so don't expect any help. Wind dropped off and the boat left without me tried to kite loop all the way to Tavarua missed the island due to current and wind direction, ended up making it to Namotu and body dragged across the reef into the lagoon, cut up and bruised I was then rescued by the Namotu crew awsome bunch who know what they are doing when it comes to kites.

My wife got food poisoning from the fish, my son got food poisining from the chicken, all the reefs are destroyed and the only ones having a good time were the bogan aussies on the piss every night. Don't waste your money.

My advise is save some more coin and stay on Namotu you will love it.

6 Jul 2018 2:35PM
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A couple of locals have been to Plantation, reports have been pretty good. July is an ideal time of year for wind in that area. Never been there myself though, so only have second hand information to share.

There are definitely better spots to head if you want to just kite and surf all day, but Plantation is a lot more family friendly and has other activities to keep the rest of the family entertained from what I've heard.

You can kite the lagoon straight off the island, and it's a relatively short boat trip to get out to some decent surf. Pay the extra for your own boat for a small group etc. who will stick around all day and rescue you if necessary, as I've heard several stories of people jumping on with a group of surfers, being dropped off elsewhere on the way and nobody remembering to come pick them up later, as mentioned above...

If you're going on a kite/surf trip Namotu or similar is definitely the go, but for a family holiday that you can sneak away and get some kiting/surfing in? Plantation sounds like a good option. Definitely pack a kite or two I'd say.

VIC, 322 posts
6 Jul 2018 9:08PM
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Been to Muscat which is next to Plantation kite front and back of island but no waves Boat leaves from both Plantation and Muscat $60 each With 6 to 8 people when last there with other surfers Cloud break etc Re kiting you haft to lunch off boat and to be viable $ you would need to go with others kiters I have seen kiters kite from back of island out to reef But for me I would not do it with out boat support Boats are not cheap Yes you can foil front of sand spit in front of plantations but may require boat again Reef along beach

NSW, 6 posts
12 Jul 2018 10:37PM
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Thanks for all the comments gents will look to pack a board and work on my surfing, waves look good wind not so much.

VIC, 4090 posts
13 Jul 2018 11:29AM
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I wouldn't go there for kiting perfection, but I had several decent sessions in 2002.

The resort is on the lee side of the island (they all are). You can get to the back side of the island by walking across the airstrip, or walking up to the point. There's no beach at high tide and not much water at low tide. You could launch off the grass at the end of the airstrip. Look out for planes.

There was a sand bar out in the middle of the lagoon. You can get a boat out from the aquatic centre. You need someone to hassle the boaties to come and get you in a couple of hours. They won't remember.

I rode back in on the lee side and had to swim the last 100 metres or so. Wear booties. Coral cuts suck.

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13 Jul 2018 11:05PM
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Spoke to a mate today who foiled there most days. I doubt you foil as I'm guessing you are better than that, but just in case ??

QLD, 76 posts
18 Jul 2018 3:43PM
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Plantation is a **** hole ,very old and run down .I was there end of April and stayed at lomani resort next to plantation .Heaps better but over 18s so no good for the tin lids. Saw one guy out kiting but he had his own support crew (another lad in a tinnie off a yacht)
Surf Was pumping 8-12 foot cloudy so wasn't too worried about not having my kiting gear.
Cost about $50 pp to get the boat out surfing and they wait for u ..

NSW, 126 posts
18 Jul 2018 6:10PM
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Can help with boats and charter in Fiji 20 years of experience there surf sup kite etc..accom land based and live aboard day charter kiting fiji is tricky

WA, 535 posts
20 Jul 2018 1:21PM
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I kited around Malolo Island resort and the Plantation sandbar when we took a holiday there. If you went there expecting to kite every day you may end up disappointed, but you should get 1-2 sessions in week. There was a lot of reef around the resort which made low tide unworkable.


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