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Core nexus question?

Created by Gazuki > 9 months ago, 14 Apr 2019
WA, 1147 posts
14 Apr 2019 6:24PM
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Just recently changed quivers and I haven't played around with setting too much but I was curious to know if the wave setting will sit deeper in the window or forward?

Very interested as first impressions aren't good.

NSW, 403 posts
15 Apr 2019 8:35AM
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Have had the 9m nexus for about a month, coinciding with the end of regular seabreezes here ands have had it out riding a surfboard about 3 times and on the foil 3 times as well. Have ridden it on both the all-round setting and wave setting and if there is difference between the two settings its pretty marginal and didn't notice it sitting any deeper in the window on the wave setting. Very happy with the kite, however i think the adjustable settings are a bit of a gimmick.

NSW, 361 posts
16 Apr 2019 9:31PM
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Yep my two bobs worth.
Been on a few Nexus for about Five months now.8-9-10-11-13.5 shared Wife & I
I agree with minimal feedback regards the front and back steering line position.
Very subtle if anything.
Absolutly sold on the Nexus.
Tryed most kites over the years.
Nexus is Close to being good at most aspects of what I like to do.
Wave riding on kitesurfboards ,
Nomad wave TTips in waves.
Boosts well,drifts,turns well smooth tight radius.better in smaller sizes as most kites.Upwind good,not great.
Front line settings don't appear to make much difference.I Just leave them on wave setting For drift.
Only two steering line settings close together lower setting more depower.Top setting for slightly less depower with more power for less wind Marginal though.
Nexus Foiling not sure yet.
Have a 7m Ride -
9m Ultra Favourite -
10-12 Helium's for lightwind Foiling.They work great light weight kites.
Really happy with the preformance and build quality
of the Nexus Ticks our boxes.

NSW, 104 posts
17 Apr 2019 7:24AM
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Think the wave setting positions the kite further into the window. It's marginal though but makes a difference.

WA, 1147 posts
17 Apr 2019 9:08AM
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Thanks mate

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17 Apr 2019 4:58PM
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Find it interesting that the 3 knots are labeled differently on the nexus and section.

the knots change the width of the middle bridal lines where connected at the widest(most outter) point of the leading edge, the outside knots shorten the bridal and the inside ones lengthen it. On the nexus it is labelled as 3 different styles (wave being the widest). On the section it is labeled as bar pressure.

have used all 3 on the section, fly the middle setting almost ever time. I would label the other knots as overpowered or underpowered, not bar pressure.

i find it makes a difference.

IMO this adjustment feels very simmilar to the difference between a high and low center line split on the bar with the same kite.


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