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Cairns to Brisbane: what kites to bring & bag transport to Sydeny

Created by heinzmueller > 9 months ago, 12 Sep 2018
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12 Sep 2018 9:17PM
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Hey All,

we are currently planning a roadtrip starting beginning of November from Cairns to Brisbane and want to do as much kiting as possible.

Hence the first question: which kites should I bring... I got 9,12,15,17 but want to reduce weight and luggage

From Brisbane, we will then fly to Uluru, from there to Melbourne to do the Great Ocean Route and then to Sydney (we fly back to Germany from there).

Hence, we look for a way to get our kitebag from Brisbane to Sydney (e.g. to a kite shop or to our hotel) so that we do not have to lug it around on various flights and the remaining trip.

Any ideas how this could be achieved safely & cost efficiently?


NSW, 433 posts
14 Sep 2018 11:44AM
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Q: How many kites can you take?

As for sending your bag, you could use a courier eg:

Fly on da wall
VIC, 686 posts
14 Sep 2018 2:37PM
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9,12 and 17 would have you covered but you haven't said your weight and we = 2 so you'll probably want the whole quiver..
Cost via Australia Post is roughly 30 buck's each kite to send interstate but you need to go for small boxes to put them in as some measure size and weight.

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14 Sep 2018 9:26PM
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Save yourself the hassle
come to WA bring a 7 kite your arses off , you've a better chance kiting ularu than up there , with your spare baggage allowance bring a decent beer from the motherland as Castlemaine xxxx beer is about as good as the wind in cairns
Shizenhousen, german for shidthouse
regards mick caunce

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15 Sep 2018 1:30PM
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Cairns in November? 17m and pray for wind.

Probably like that for all the way down the coast. Maybe that's the season for Kiting in SE Queensland but don't know personally.


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