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Barefoot kite boarding

Created by Orange Whip A week ago, 12 Jan 2021
Orange Whip
QLD, 854 posts
12 Jan 2021 8:19PM
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Loto does it, how common is it?

WA, 244 posts
Sunday , 17 Jan 2021 7:39AM
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Is that not just body dragging?

4768 posts
Sunday , 17 Jan 2021 3:00PM
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I take my hat off to anyone that can crank any upwind angle barefoot kiting.

NSW, 481 posts
Monday , 18 Jan 2021 10:22AM
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I used to barefoot water ski as a teenager, many moons ago. Behind a kite? I reckon you would need to go out on a 12m in a cyclone.

NSW, 5814 posts
Monday , 18 Jan 2021 3:19PM
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I think Orange Whippet might have put some of those mushrooms on his pizza again that he finds growing in his yard after all the rain.

But if you are interested in trying to barefoot kite, maybe put up your biggest kite and wear a pair of diving flippers on your feet to get a bit more surface area till your up and moving, then kick them off. Please post a video of your attempt.


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"Barefoot kite boarding" started by Orange Whip