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2008-2009 f-one Bandit chicken loop / bar & lines upgrade

Created by Fetseun 9 months ago, 5 Nov 2018
WA, 10 posts
5 Nov 2018 10:30PM
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Hey Guys

Just picked up a 2008 or 2009 F-One Bandit 11 meter.

The kite is in fantastic condition and flies really well.

But the idea of not being able to cut away with a quick release chicken loop gives me pause. So I am considering upgrading the chicken loop or the entire bar and lines.

Can I ask if anyone has as anyone done so?

And if so can I ask what bar and lines you upgraded too please?


WA, 75 posts
6 Nov 2018 7:11AM
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Be careful as I believe the original bandit and bandit dos fly on uneven line lenghts meaning you would no be able to simply swap out the lines.........

WA, 544 posts
6 Nov 2018 8:47PM
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Just buy a 2018 linx complete bar and lines set, that has the new push away relase and swivel, covers B3-B12...!

WA, 1207 posts
7 Nov 2018 8:37AM
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Contact Jack at

QLD, 1242 posts
9 Nov 2018 10:24AM
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cbulota said..
Contact Jack at

Or even better, drop into your local store and they can get you sorted. The front-rear length distance can easily be accounted for with 2 extensions. Most other brand 4 line bars will work with this kite. I would avoid any pre 2018 F-One bar as they didn't have a single front line flagging system.


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"2008-2009 f-one Bandit chicken loop / bar & lines upgrade" started by Fetseun