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Zeeko Blaster initial thoughts

Created by warwickl > 9 months ago, 19 Mar 2018
NSW, 1413 posts
19 Mar 2018 9:58PM
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Zeeko Blaster maybe just what I've been waiting for to cover easier slow jibing and slow enough for small to medium wave riding.
Anyone given this new foil any thoughts?

VIC, 2834 posts
20 Mar 2018 6:04AM
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At this stage the Blaster is an entry level foil with only one choice of wing.

WA, 478 posts
20 Mar 2018 8:00AM
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warwickl said..
Zeeko Blaster maybe just what I've been waiting for to cover easier slow jibing and slow enough for small to medium wave riding.
Anyone given this new foil any thoughts?

I'll be getting one very soon so I should be able to tell you how it compares to the Carver.

WA, 308 posts
20 Mar 2018 6:58PM
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A t first glance, it seems like a slightly redundant product for Zeeko to introduce to their range. I really like the Zeeko range and hope to get one of their foils soon but doesn't the Carver sort of fill the beginner slot already? And why the short fuselage? wouldn't that make it less pitch stable for a foiling newb? Looking forward to hearing some real world reviews of the Blaster when there are a few on the water.

QLD, 727 posts
20 Mar 2018 9:41PM
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It looks a lot like my Zeeko Bullet with a carver wing and the vertical stabilising fin on the upper side of the rear fuselarge - instead of the underside ?? I didnt see any dimensions so dont know if the fuselarge is shorter again than the Bullet?

VIC, 2834 posts
21 Mar 2018 10:05AM
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The reason for the Blaster is for Zeeko to have an easy to learn on foil at a price that will entice more to join the foiling ranks.
short fuselage means easy turning but the trick is to design in better stability.

WA, 478 posts
23 May 2018 10:33AM
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I finally got mine and managed to get a few hours on it on Cocos Islands. I was hoping to ride it everyday during my stay but unfortunately I injured my knee in the surf the following day and was down for the rest of the trip.

I normally ride the Zeeko Carbon 2017, mostly with the Carver wing. Only reason I bought the Blaster was for the trip as I could add a 60cm mast for a little extra and since Cocos is known for its shallow waters, it would allow me to ride everyday.

I was fortunate enough to give it a shot at direction island, a pristine lagoon only 20min boat ride from west island. With the high tide it was deep enough to ride with the 90cm mast so I gave that a shot. Wind was about 12kn and I rigged my 8m Fone Bandit.

Sent the kite and went up directly on the foil. Immediately the foil feels super stable and smooth, not as playful as the Carbon with Carver which feels very loose (especially with the 2.5cm tracking fin) and require more rider input. By that, I mean that the Carver reacts to any input on roll, yaw and pitch which can make it tricky for people with less experience. The Blaster delivers a "locked in" feeling which makes it much more accessible.

The foil is also much slower that the carbon but still plenty for what is is designed for (learning, free ride and carving). I was getting to 20-22 kn in the 16kn gusts.

Went onto my first air roll tack at a much slower speed than I usually do them and found it so much easier than with my usual rig. I ride strapless and it is actually rare for me to come out of the tack without the board touching the water (mind that strapless with a small tube kite make this trick much harder than doing it with a foil kite where you can rely on the long hang time delivery you get from that type of kite). Going slower whilst still being up on the foil through the turns helps you mastering the positioning of your kite throughout the manoeuvre . Although I love my carbon rig with the carver wing, I reckon I am gonna spend some time (once I recover from my injury) on the Blaster mastering all the basics at lower speed before trying again on the faster, less forgiving rig.

I was curious to try the AVS thingy and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. I am usually ok at recovering the foil following ventilation but jeez, this AVS thing just prevents it from happening in the first place. I can remember when I was learning with the wing too close to the surface, hearing that particular ventilation sound that usually gave me that one second to prepare for a wipe out, well it doesn't happen with AVS. It is actually great fun pointing upwind with a good quarter or third of that wing out of the water.

There seem to be a great debate with some people saying that if you can afford carbon you should go carbon but very few notice the advance in design of some alloy foils like the ZEEKO or Alpine foil which are miles away from most foil that you can get from the major brands. These people have been passionate about foiling for about a decade unlike most who are just there with sub-standard products (alloy or carbon) to get a market share.

I think this new Blaster is a fantastic entry to intermediate level foil which will suit the vast majority of the foilers.

WA, 574 posts
28 May 2018 1:46PM
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Great comments Livit. I love the thought behind this Foil. I actually have a green and white and would happily "trade down" to this based on what you've said - I've spent a bunch of time on a Takuma v100 Surf foil and absolutely prefer a slower foil for messing about in Surf.

I also stopped riding carbon foils a few years ago and havnt looked back. Yes the aluminium ones are tad heavier but performance wise for freeriding they are absolutely fine. I've not had a problem with corrosion since I started using tefgel. I crack the bolts about every 3 months and that's it. I've never washed a foil in freshwater either. It just stays fully assembled.

VIC, 2834 posts
29 May 2018 6:46AM
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Here is the Zeeko blurb on the Blaster. While it maybe long for some it does offer some insights into the design logic, the benefits of the powder coating and AVS.
Plus it is priced to get new foilers onto a real foil with less focus on worrying about outgrowing it.
The new BLASTER hydrofoil from ZEEKO completes the hydrofoil range.
Focused on a wide range of uses, thanks to its ease of ride and strength of G10 wings it's perfectly suited for beginners. Its new design allows the BLASTER to have excellent value for money. NEWS 2018- New shorter fuselage for better maneuverability
- Extended stabilizer
- Unrivaled strength
- Reduced wing ventilation with AVS (anti ventilation skin)
- Accessibility and versatility PERFORMANCEOur new, highly accessible Blaster hydrofoil is perfect for beginners because of its ease and sturdiness, but also for the more experienced looking for fun and good sensations.
The foil has been developed for maximum stability, a low take-off speed and low speed riding, allowing you to progress calmly.
The wings are machined to reduce ventilation as they come out of the water. This innovation is especially suitable for beginners who do not manage the balance of the foil correctly. ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDEThis new model will allow beginners to start to ride with an easy-to-access hydrofoil. The wings made of G10 provide strength and confidence. It is perfect for more experienced riders for Freeride / Carving use thanks to the size of the wings.
The foil can satisfy most of the riders with its versatility, maneuverability and accessibility that will allow beginners to get their first rides in the air quickly.
This new Blaster becomes the best value for money on the market. Its shorter fuselage provides greater maneuverability and its large area stabilizer provides a great pitch control which facilitates the ride experience.
Despite the short fuselage, thanks to the large area stabilizer, the foil remains very easy to control.
Several lengths of masts are available (40cm, 60cm, 90cm, 96cm). A shorter mast will be more suitable for beginners. Indeed, the balance will be easier to find. For more advanced riders, a longer mast would be more adequate.The 4cm vertical fin provides greater stability by reducing the yawing effect. The control will be at the best despite the wind conditions. However, it is possible to install a smaller fin (2.5cm) to get better turning ability.New G10 wing machining process optimizes ride control and hydrodynamics.The best value for money on the market, while continuing to innovate. ANTI VENTILATION SKIN (AVS)The wings have been designed in such a way that the foil is easily accessible to the most . Thus the top (extrados) of each wing has been striated to increase stability and minimize the effect of ventilation.
The ventilation is created when the wing comes out of the water and creates an air bubble that will spread over the entire span and will thus lose all the lift of the foil in the water, the hydrofoil is out of control.The grooves prevent this from happening making the foil more forgivable to rider errors. What is ventilation?
Hydrofoil wing ventilation occurs violently when ambient air enters the surface of your foil wing as it approaches the surface of the water. This results in an inevitable fall, whether you are an expert or a beginner.
The Anti Ventilation Skin (AVS) is a new process for manufacturing G10 made foil wings. Thanks to a 3-dimensional grooving of the wings, it is now possible to reduce the ventilation phenomena to a minimum. The AVS acts like a multitude of fences or a shark skin preventing the air from rushing all along the wing.
With the AVS do not fall any more when your foil wing is close to the surface of the water. Gain confidence and ride without thinking. ZEEKO ALLOY SERIESMast, platinum and fuselageAll our foils are made of a specific aluminum alloy (different from the 6061 alloys of most foils on the market). This alloy makes it possible to increase the stiffness of the foils, but also to offer unequaled resistance to corrosion.Also, most foils in the market are usually only anodized. The ZEEKO foils are both anodized and painted with a paint increasing the glide as well as the performance of the foil.

Front and rear wingsThe profile of the front and rear wings has been studied and developed to achieve maximum comfort and stability.
Both wings are made of G10 for strength and ease of repair in case of shocks. This method by machining makes it possible to optimize the performance and especially to delay the phenomena of ventilation
A new assembling method improves the lift and drag of the foil.
The front wing is fixed on the top of the fuselage and the rear wing on the underside.
Thus the hydrodynamic drag of the foil is reduced.The front wing of 750cm? is ideal to start at low speed. In freeride, the handling of the foil allows to progress very quickly without being limited as with a foil designed exclusively for beginners.
The increased area stabilizer gives the Blaster unparalleled stability despite the short fuselage.
Begin your journey, evolve, keep Blasting! Vertical finThe 4cm vertical fin offers great stability especially on the yaw effect (perfect for beginners). It can be replaced by a smaller fin (2.5cm) for more maneuverability.
All the fins of Twin-Tip are compatible with this foil. Fuselage more hydrodynamicA new manufacturing of fuselages in 5-axis machining allows us to remove the holes on the top. This results in a reduction of the drag of the foil. The short fuselage makes the foil fun while keeping an extraordinary control. SALT WATER AND ALUMINUMAll aluminum parts are anodised and painted, offering double protection. The aluminum used is the most resistant to salt water. It is recommended to use T-Gel for the screws provided during the purchase.
New Stiffer plateThe Blaster foil plate has been redesigned to make it easy to connect to the board. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to completely unscrew the 4 fastening screws. It is enough to loosen by a quarter turn the 4 screws of connection to the board, and the foil is disassembled.
In this sport, stiffness is a key of the design. It is for this reason that we chose to strengthen the plate with an additional reinforcement around the mast. This allows to reduces the mast flex and get a better board/foil connection and a better feeling with a more direct feeling.Available board connections:- Two U.S rails
- Tuttle Box
- KF BoxThe board is compatible with all the boards on the market, two distances are available : 165X90mm or 160X85mm


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