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Upside down front wing

Created by Arcprof > 9 months ago, 4 Jul 2021
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4 Jul 2021 9:51PM
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I had a senior moment today when I mounted my Armstrong CF 800 front wing the wrong way up. I didn't know it was possible and it looked ok so its easily done.
On the water, things definitely felt weird.
Getting the board up to normal take off speed was no problem but she just wouldn't lift off until had my back leg fully loaded. It did foil but I knew something was amiss. I thought maybe the mast had moved back in the track. Back on the beach, I confirmed the mast was where it should be and only then realized the wing was upside down.
I am just amazed that you can foil with an upside down front wing. I've heard of people putting the whole foil on pointing the wrong way and apparently you can foil in this configuration too. Planes can fly upside down so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.
Cheers Jim

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5 Jul 2021 11:24AM
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The history of aviation and windsurfing and kitesurfing shows us that anything will work, you just lose a bit of efficiency and handling.

In the earlier days of kite foiling a mate replaced the front wing of his foil with a sheet of aluminium. He ran into a reef and straightened it out with a hammer. He had great upwind performance but was really slow downwind.

I was wing foiling yesterday and my wing leading edge partially deflated during an upwind run, probably the valve hadn't seated properly or I hadn't tightened it enough. The strut was clipped off and still fully inflated.

I could stand and pump but had huge trouble getting on the foil. The wing was very floppy. I eventually got on the foil but if I headed upwind it would fold in half. It was ok riding downwind. Riding downwind on the waves was quite nice but I wasn't game enough to carve around and play. When I got back I put some more air in and had a pretty decent session. I left the wing fully inflated in the garage when I got home and it lost no pressure over about 6 hours.

mr love
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5 Jul 2021 9:50PM
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It will work but needs to run at a higher angle of attck, that is why you had to push down on the back foot.


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