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Small low volume foil board

Created by horey69 > 9 months ago, 18 Jul 2019
QLD, 19 posts
10 May 2021 6:31PM
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A few of the different Vape 120 Kite foil board that we have made recently.
So much riding has gone in to get it to here.
For fun, freestyle, freeride styles its the way to go.
Flat bottom and plenty of rocker keeps your nose out.

Orange, Silver, Tan, (Blue coming)

made in AUS.
^ check the website for stock also.

NSW, 1607 posts
11 May 2021 7:57AM
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Love your work Mitch. My Nang is still going strong. If I ever need an update I sure know where to go!

WA, 534 posts
12 May 2021 9:56AM
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Thought I share another RAW board also (not getting any kickback from RAW).
Matches the Axis colour ;-)
It's 105cm. Holding up nicely and it's pretty light.


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"Small low volume foil board" started by horey69