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Slingshot wing choice

Created by Walls 1 month ago, 17 Feb 2020
TAS, 1 posts
17 Feb 2020 10:57AM
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After some advice about the next slingshot front foil to purchase. Have been wake and windfoiling for a couple of years. Started with a H2 front wing and six months ago added an infinity 84 and have found great for both the boat and sailboard. Have been kiting for 10 years and finally got my act together and got out on my infinity 84 a couple of times to see if I could crack kitefoiling. Found it hard but managed extended runs on the foil on both tacks pretty much straight away but it's clear the 84 has too much lift for my 75kg on the kite. Looking for some advice about where do I go from here to get the right beginner kitefoil setup. Obvious choices are slingshot space skate 65 H4 or the newer Apollo 60? Or should I be looking at something else. Looking to cruise and transitions not race.

QLD, 331 posts
17 Feb 2020 3:40PM
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Go the Apollo 60.

WA, 308 posts
17 Feb 2020 5:18PM
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As Horey said, get the Apollo 60. I bought it several months ago and it is a wonderful wing for free-riding. It rides slow and fast, is smooth and manoeuvrable. It's basically a slightly scaled down Moses 633. 1120cm2 as opposed to 1250cm2.

QLD, 1673 posts
19 Feb 2020 2:14PM
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Hey mate. Iv got a h4 if you want to swap? iv sent you a message

Fly on da wall
VIC, 702 posts
19 Feb 2020 6:05PM
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The original h5 is a pretty good all round wing. I upgraded too the speed wing then went too a full carbon set up.


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