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Slingshot 76cm Infinity

Created by ActionSportsWA 5 months ago, 31 Jul 2018
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20 Oct 2018 1:01PM
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My 2 cents....

I tried a demo of the 76 (24" mast) and the Fanatic 5'2 Sky surf. All courtesy of ActionSports.

I had a misfortune early in my first foray into foiling (got flogged on a reef and broke/lost most of the setup) and was using a H2 and H4 Slingshot. It has taken a fair few months for the butthurt to wear off, and the cost to be buried under the sands of time. So I was basically starting from scratch again.

I took the setup out into some gutless and really not very hopeful wind driven slop during a recent front. Two sessions in total.

All I can say is, I wish I had this wing at the start. I did more flying in two days that I did in my first month, first time around. It is a great foil to start on IMO and just felt really nice in comparison to my old setup. The board was on point too. Very stable and a good paddler, nice and light.

Many thanks to the always friendly, and helpful guys at Action Sports.


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