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Slingshot 76cm Infinity

Created by ActionSportsWA 8 months ago, 31 Jul 2018
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20 Oct 2018 1:01PM
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My 2 cents....

I tried a demo of the 76 (24" mast) and the Fanatic 5'2 Sky surf. All courtesy of ActionSports.

I had a misfortune early in my first foray into foiling (got flogged on a reef and broke/lost most of the setup) and was using a H2 and H4 Slingshot. It has taken a fair few months for the butthurt to wear off, and the cost to be buried under the sands of time. So I was basically starting from scratch again.

I took the setup out into some gutless and really not very hopeful wind driven slop during a recent front. Two sessions in total.

All I can say is, I wish I had this wing at the start. I did more flying in two days that I did in my first month, first time around. It is a great foil to start on IMO and just felt really nice in comparison to my old setup. The board was on point too. Very stable and a good paddler, nice and light.

Many thanks to the always friendly, and helpful guys at Action Sports.

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28 Jan 2019 3:50AM
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7-Nation Aust said..
Haha we certainly try to make the most of the lucky conditions we have over here! Spewing we didn't get to whip you into some of the bigger stuff when you were here DM

Toppleover: same mast, same fuselage, shim & rear wing (the new one got a little bit lighter) Yes check out the events page on Slingshot Australia on facebook. We have a huge demo program this season our first demo is the 18th August on the Gold Coast and we will be on the Sunny coast in September, Sydney in October, Melbourne in November and Perth in January

The Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Platform has been modular without any issues since 2016

The new Infinity wing is absolutely bomb proof. Very solid, lots of glide and speed meaning you don't have to pump to keep up with fast waves but light weight enough still. The tips are thick enough not to be able to break off.

Hi I've had my tip break of before I even got to use it must of been pretty easy to damage as we dont even remember it happening


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