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Peter Lynn Venom II

Created by Qsilverza A week ago, 15 Apr 2019
VIC, 4 posts
15 Apr 2019 3:16PM
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Hi, I wanted to ask some questions of somebody who knows these kites ? I have a venom 2 13M and wanted to ask about flying charecteristics and the internal strap settings as it looks like mine needs some repairs and isnt flying right...

NSW, 26 posts
Yesterday , 23 Apr 2019 5:50PM
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cool old kite.the strap improves turning.
and this kite should auto zenith.
i have a 19m vemon.still flys.better land kite.

VIC, 205 posts
Yesterday , 23 Apr 2019 5:57PM
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Call Ben at foilsport he will help you out


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"Peter Lynn Venom II" started by Qsilverza