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Peak4 Bridal tuning... My experience

Created by AquaPlow 9 months ago, 24 Oct 2021
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24 Oct 2021 6:25PM
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Hi all PEAKER's
I had not had a problem on my first 3 Peaks but the fourth (2nd hand 5M) loved tucking in the tips (both!!) at higher speeds and higher winds (so 18-20 plus knots)..
I searched google..

(Flysurfer's Armin Harich showing how to sort the bridal on a Soul)
This seemed fairly universal so I checked all my bridals and adjusted accordingly..
To resolve this issue I felt that more air needed to be trapped by the tip trailing edges to avoid the washout concept (useful in aerodynamics to decrease tip stall at low speed). This effectively exposes the tip mesh inlet for the pocket to the airflow and keeps it positively inflated.
The successful resolution on my kit - 4M 5M 6M and 8M is to have the knots Armin refers to in the video not level but have the 'C' line 10-15mm shorter to the 'A' line.
Hope it helps..


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"Peak4 Bridal tuning... My experience" started by AquaPlow