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Ozone bar with north ace kite

Created by shodan 7 months ago, 11 Jan 2022
WA, 60 posts
11 Jan 2022 1:33PM
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I've lost the pigtails that allows you to fly north ace kites with an ozone bar. Not sure which ones to get. Bought the kites from Darren at action kites and have called the shop and am waiting for them to contact Darren to confirm correct pigtails. That's atleast what l'm hoping their doing!Any help in the meantime would be appreciated. Thanks

WA, 860 posts
19 Jan 2022 11:23AM
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Hi Shodan,

Pigtails aren't really the critical bit. The line lengths and bar are more critical. If the kite has thin "Race type" pigtails, then replace with the same. If it has normal 3mm spliced dynema type pigtails then go with that. You don't want to be trying to use (comparatively) fat loop pigtails on tiny race knots. The Ozone race pigtails give good compromise of "fits all" and the ability to adjust for line length differences.



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"Ozone bar with north ace kite" started by shodan