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Old school meets new school.

Created by dorothyinste > 9 months ago, 11 Jan 2018
QLD, 449 posts
11 Jan 2018 6:24PM
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A lovely kiter friend in his mid seventies, is an avid water ski enthusiast for half a decade, kindly gave me an old 'water ski'. Probably older than some people reading this post. Asked a friend to weld up a tuttle box out of stainless.
Height from top of board to foil fuselage is 1250mm.
Weight of stainless tuttle box 3kg.

WA, 708 posts
12 Jan 2018 12:15AM
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Nice. Be sure that the mounting bolts are above and beyond the stress task... or it you could be saying goodbye to the whole lot.

VIC, 2836 posts
12 Jan 2018 7:47AM
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I still have one of those boards.
the McSki was the prequel to wake boards.
Came out Around 1984/5.
the first water ski to start sideways.
but mine doesn't have the small fin boxes.
heaps of fun to jump wakes.
the foam centre and plastic outer is a problem as if let get hot in sun the plastic would deform and delaminates from foam. So bottom tends to go wavey.
i would say it's too narrow to use as a foil board but good luck

NSW, 1465 posts
12 Jan 2018 10:17AM
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I think the swing weight on that might be problematic. Will you be able to ride it? Sure, anyone can ride just about anything with enough practice. However I believe you will progress and have more fun with a simple plywood shaped board with more width.

VIC, 4398 posts
12 Jan 2018 11:06AM
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dorothyinste said..
Weight of stainless tuttle box 3kg.

My new board weighs less than that complete.

All this begs the obvious question, "Why?".

Obviously you don't need a reason. You can do anything you like. But is there a master plan? A benefit to be derived other than the novelty value?

QLD, 449 posts
12 Jan 2018 10:27AM
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The sensation of height above the water was the initial attraction. Also, a narrow board allows for getting closer to the water when really pressing hard for an upwind reach.

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12 Jan 2018 12:31PM
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Madness I say!.

You might need to mount the turtlebox further forward.


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