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Moses/Sabfoil replacement screws from Bunnings?

Created by sonny2727 4 months ago, 31 Mar 2022
VIC, 143 posts
31 Mar 2022 10:57AM
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Has anyone tried to find replacement screws - M6 mast to fuse - from Bunnings? Also other ones for the wings

QLD, 920 posts
31 Mar 2022 12:53PM
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I use the countersunk torx M6 security screw from Bunnings, only 304 not 316 stainless but I've had no problems at all. You would have to go to a specific hardware supplier for the cap screws but they would be difficult to find.

WA, 1395 posts
31 Mar 2022 11:41AM
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Hi Sonny,

we sell some M6 screws sets on our website here:

hope this helps

Christian - KiteBud

VIC, 98 posts
2 Apr 2022 2:45PM
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Not hard to find at all.any decent nuts and bolts supply shops will have them for a few dollars

WA, 860 posts
5 Apr 2022 2:45PM
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We have those item in stock its called Mh113 is m6 x 25 socket head cap with 2 washers they are $9.95 designed for kite fuelage 647, if its for a surf fuselage you need MH111 m6 x30 socket head cap with 2 washers again 9.95.


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"Moses/Sabfoil replacement screws from Bunnings?" started by sonny2727