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Learning to Foil behind a boat - New Video Tutorial

Created by cbulota > 9 months ago, 12 Jun 2018
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12 Jun 2018 2:37AM
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Hi all,

I know this topic has been covered many times before on here. I recently had a chance to teach a good friend of mine to foil for the very first time over in Canada. I recorded the whole experience and decided to share it Online as a short tutorial.

It's surprising how fast you can learn to foil with the right approach combined with the right equipment. My friend Marc you see in the video managed to foil for many minutes without crashing after only the first 15 minutes of practice!

I hope these few tips help if you are looking at getting into foiling whether you are starting with a kite or behind a boat, these tips will work the same.

Be sure to put the quality to 1080p for a better viewing experience

Please feel free to share your thoughts and advice


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12 Jun 2018 4:57PM
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Hi Cristian,

We had similar results behind the boat also. The use of short masts also speeds the learning process if you haven't had much experience with board sports previously.

learning behind a boat is far easier and more progressive than learning with a Kite. The main thing you learn after pitch control and trim is balancing over the board. If you learn with a kite, you automatically begin edging which, on a foil, produces easy and fast upwind riding, but gives you no skills in going downwind. Downwind is all about balancing over the foil without edging against the pull of the Kite for balance.

Those that tend to learn behind the boat will easily ride up and down wind quickly, whereas those that begin on a Kite tend to do the walk of shame downwind once they can control pitch.

Foiling isn't as hard or as dangerous it has been made out to be in the past and can add up to 30% more kiteable days with no more expense than the initial purchase of a foiling setup.



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