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Is foiling colder than kitesurfing ?

Created by Lambie 8 months ago, 28 Oct 2018
VIC, 724 posts
28 Oct 2018 6:49PM
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I know its a weird question but I seem to be feeling the cold a lot more since Ive finally got up on the foil ? May be its old age or a few less kg's but Im really feeling it (oh yes I live in Vic - thought I'd throw that one in before someone else pointed out that fact LOL) .
I ditched the 4:3 wettie a month or so ago for my much more comfortable 3:2 one but for the last few sessions Ive been chilled to the point of almost mild hypo !! Im thinking that its the wind chill thats getting me - cuz Im even stopping occasionally to drop into the water to warm up a bit !!

Has anyone else found this ? When up on the foil I dont get wet (wet suit is tho) and with the extra speed its seriously cold !!

VIC, 477 posts
28 Oct 2018 7:12PM
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Wind chill was 8 degrees yesterday and today so yes it is still bloody winter here. No way I ditch my steamer before early December if.

VIC, 2741 posts
28 Oct 2018 7:14PM
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Problem with foiling is you can't start in a few inches of water and spend first bit dry from knees up.
foiling means you start wet.

WA, 258 posts
28 Oct 2018 7:42PM
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I could be that it's less work than a TT or SB due to the efficiency, so you're not playing tug a war with your kite as much. Less heat is generated by more relaxed muscles.

VIC, 4217 posts
28 Oct 2018 10:39PM
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The problem with foiling is that you stand up dry in the wind. Every time you fall you get flushed and lose some body heat. It's like the start of a session, but repeated time and time again.

Normal kiteboarding you're down in the water the whole time and the water stays in the suit and keeps you warm. You're also working harder so you generate more heat. With foiling the warm water drains out and you get cold.

The solution for me is a 6/4/3 suit from needEssentials. It's toasty warm for the whole session. The integrated hood keeps my ears dry and warm. The suit is very comfortable.

QLD, 327 posts
29 Oct 2018 5:21AM
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One of our Foiler here wears one of these over his wetsuit. He says it is much warmer than putting on a thicker wetsuit, probably because it doesn't allow any wind to hit the wetsuit and cool it. Bit bulky but as your not super active while foiling it works for him.

VIC, 2741 posts
29 Oct 2018 6:16AM
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I'm still using my 5/3 with 1.5mm long sleeve neoprene top underneath.
plus I always use a wet shirt over the top for windchill. MX tops also work if same material and I've noticed some soccer tops are same material.
Although water temp at Shallow inlet Saturday was nicer than outside temp even out of wind.

NSW, 1649 posts
29 Oct 2018 1:42PM
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Since I crash an awful lot on the foil I find the impact vest serves 2 purposes.
1. Impact minimisation (obvious).
2. wind chill is not as bad.

4477 posts
29 Oct 2018 5:11PM
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Yep. I get cold feet a lot sooner. I think its a combo of less effort used holding down a lower powered kite, more flushes when you crash and more windchill because you are higher.

NT, 359 posts
29 Oct 2018 8:14PM
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Not sure ... we need the outer layer to cool us DOWN

VIC, 1520 posts
30 Oct 2018 1:04PM
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If I'm working on new tricks it's definitely colder as I'm regularly in the water and then using less muscle when riding due to efficiency/smaller kite.

On the other hand, if I'm cruising around in my comfort zone and nailing tacks and gybes I can stay pretty dry, and therefore warm.

NSW, 346 posts
30 Oct 2018 7:58PM
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Sydney water is a lot colder this year than usual and my 3/2 wetsuit + thermal inside wasn't enough for the winter. Definitely getting a 5/4 for the next winter !

QLD, 176 posts
4 Nov 2018 9:38AM
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Fark all we wear on sunshine coast is sunscreen and I thought that was an effort

25 posts
7 Nov 2018 2:30PM
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get a dinghy jacket from you local sailing store. wear it over your wettie, best hundred bucks you will ever spend.

NSW, 1036 posts
7 Nov 2018 6:03PM
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I went the goretex jacket. When you sweat they still breath.


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