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High aspect kite foils

Created by horey69 > 9 months ago, 31 Mar 2021
QLD, 472 posts
31 Mar 2021 7:35AM
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How many of us are using high aspect wings now for free ride foiling?
Is it for the additional glide? Or speed?Grant

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31 Mar 2021 9:04PM
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Yes I do and love them for boosting and freestyle foiling.

NSW, 144 posts
13 Sep 2021 6:51AM
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Yes, Moses 800, best kite wing out there, go as fast as you want, has a great low end for drifting the kite and carving chop, and can boost big air too, but it is an advanced foil and takes some time to tame...

WA, 860 posts
23 Sep 2021 12:45PM
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I've been dinging on the SAB/Moses W1000/82/420 combo which rocks my world. Great speed, low drag, excellent glide and pump. I also ride the Levitaz R5 race foil when kiting which is also very high aspect. Speed, stability, glide and lowest drag.

Both these wings/foils give long effortless glide and speed. The W1000 isn't the most aggressive turning foil but it's no slouch either on the short kite fuse but will ride the smallest of bumps.


NSW, 1711 posts
24 Oct 2021 3:12PM
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One of he local guys on Botany bay is kite foiling on an Armstrong HA925 with the V200 tail. It's a massively wide wing. I was impressed how carvy it is and very fast with lots of glide. He says it doesn't mind tip breaches either. I'm waiting on the HA725 which should be interesting.


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