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Created by speedy87 9 months ago, 5 Nov 2018
VIC, 74 posts
5 Nov 2018 7:11PM
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what foil boards are people using on their mosses comment?not really wanting a full race board

QLD, 272 posts
6 Nov 2018 12:21PM
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Darren WA action sports?

VIC, 58 posts
6 Nov 2018 3:32PM
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These are my boards the bigger one is @ 20% bigger than the full carbon one. Its a big guy / more volume race board the carbon is the race board

WA, 697 posts
6 Nov 2018 5:18PM
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Hi Speedy87,

Without knowing how or where you ride, your height or weight, or even skill level, I can only suggest a few that I am keen on.

I like the Duotone Pace 4'6", Slingshot Dwarfcraft 4'6" and North ProFoil for freeriding and going fast, but not at race pace.

BenMJ looks like he has some nice boards ^^^^^ As you are both in Vico, maybe give him a call. Can't speak from experience of Ben's boards, but they look nice. The Moses T-60 is a nice all rounder too but prohibitively expensive if you order the Carbon version.

We have a heap of boards on our website shop if you want to have a gander in there. I have also just finished a quick guide to board types in a BLOG article

Hope this helps, by all means give us a call with more details and we can probably be more accurate .



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