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Foil Ring vs chickenloop

Created by dachopper 4 months ago, 29 Mar 2022
WA, 1651 posts
29 Mar 2022 10:20PM
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What are people using to attach the aftermarket foil lines ( the steel rings instead of chicken loop ) to traditional harness?

what kind of QR?

QLD, 203 posts
2 Apr 2022 10:02AM
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I use the Ion rope spreader bar, paired with a metal V chicken loop,
I use North Navigator, but I know duotone and a couple of others offer one as well.

The Ion has a click in quick release which makes it fast and easy. You can purchase in various widths to suit your harness / hip width.
I have added a 2nd thinner safety which is slightly longer so if the main rope breaks I have a chance to get back to shore.
I also have a stainless ring on there in case I want to use another bar.


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