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Axis 90 tray with Axis foils

Created by togcha 3 months ago, 2 May 2022
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2 May 2022 6:59PM
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Hi Guy's
Newbie here on the forum.I just wanted to know if anyone here rides the Axis 94 tray and the 700 HPS and 370 rear wing,Is your foil set way back on the tracks?
I ride my homemade boards around the same size but seem to get to much lift to quick wind condition 14 to 16mph base plate far back on the tracks.Been on slingshots since 2018 and 2 years on the apollo 60 with no over foiling on my pocket boards.Any feed back will be much appreciated
Thank you

NSW, 151 posts
2 May 2022 11:11PM
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KBGhost is your man to answer this one. I'm sure he'll be along soon

QLD, 203 posts
3 May 2022 2:24PM
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Nah I ride with No.7 showing at back of base plate , so not that far back. No issues. I also ride the HPS930 at same spot in light winds. 100kgs though. The T1 like in my pic goes well slightly further back.


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