Where are your pants mate? Kite Rescue Gone Wrong!

What would you do if you were kiting around and noticed a man and woman out the back, struggling in the whitewater?

Most of us would be like Lior Sason, and give a rescue a try no matter how strange the circumstances are, but nobody could have predicted the outcome of this rescue!

First of all, the most obvious place for a drowning swimmer to grab in an emergency is the control bar. It’s accessible, looks perfect to hold on to and most importantly is attached to the dirty great lifting device floating above your head. But, of course you as a kiteboarder already know what will happen when a panicky swimmer grabs one side of a control bar. Loops!

So this guy gets a lady on his back, and body drags her into shore, then turns back for the second swimmer. He too grabs the bar, but with a tighter grip and isn’t as easily persuaded to let go. In the dramas that proceed to unfold, he loses his pants, still holding the bar of course, and eventually gets to knee deep water where he can stand up.

Where are his pants? Probably still floating around out there, we don’t know, but you can bet he was pretty embarrassed by the ordeal. Lior Sason did an awesome job of getting the two to safety, and keeping his cool when things got ugly (in more ways than one!)

Check out the video of the rescue to see how it all happened.