When Ship Gets Real - Naish Riders Explore Lanai Island

Once a concrete barge, YOGN 42 now makes a great backdrop for a kiting vid!
You might have never heard of the island of Lanai, but you will have heard of its neighbours, Maui and Molokai. The barren (but inhabited) island sits right between it’s more famous neighbours and cops the same trade winds throughout their summer season, without the crowds. Naish team riders Jesse Richman, Karlie Thoma, Christian Barcellos and Alden Simmer decided to go on a camping trip to the North Shore to experience what the island had to offer, and discovered some spectacular conditions.

They also found a giant cargo ship, long since left behind for mother nature to claim, beached on the reef at a spot named Kaiolohia, now appropriately called Shipwrecks. The cement barge was named YOGN 42, built for the US Navy in 1942 and purposefully beached there to dispose of it after the war. While not the most interesting story, it does make for a spectacular backdrop to a kiting movie!

Once an old pineapple plantation, Lanai Island is a 4WD only island, with most of its roads being sand or dirt. The Naish crew grabbed a Jeep and headed North for a bit of camping, through the twisting red dirt roads around mountains and rocks, they found a secluded little beach out of the wind, where they camped out for the night enjoying each others company around the huge bonfire. There’s nothing better for a group of kiters, to wake up in the morning and see wind cranking in the lagoon right outside your tent, and that’s exactly what these guys saw.

Check out the video to see what they got up to, kiting in the flatish lagoon just off their campsite, before heading further North to the Shipwreck for some choppy water and wave action. Of course you wouldn’t expect anything less in 30+ knots over super shallow reef!