We Be Jammin' - Highlights from the Hood River Slider Jam

You won't see a press like that anywhere else in the world!
Home to the worlds only year-round kiteboarding slider park, the Hood River in Oregon, USA is a breeding ground for the worlds best, and they all come back for one event a year. It's the Hood River Slider Jam!

"What started as a simple idea discussed over a few cold beers has been quickly nurtured into a full-fledged weeklong shred fest with all of the world's top park riders in attendance." Explains Vincent Bergeron. "Home to the only truly public slider park in the world and now filled with more features than ever, Hood River, Oregon was the perfect venue to host such an event."

Since 2008, the Slider Project has been cooking up floating masterpieces that sit in the Hood River. They're there for all to enjoy, and they're some of the most technical and well put together obstacles in the sport.

If you've always wondered what the bleeding edge of kiteboarding on kickers and sliders looks like. This is it. Not just imitating wakeboarders, these guys and girls are redefining what's possible on solid obstances. With a kite - anything is possible. Watch and learn!