This is why Windsurfers convert to Kiteboarding

Windsuring in light winds sucks enough without kiteboarders teasing you!
While wading through the countless uploads of kiteboarding videos this week, we ran across this heartbreaking clip of a windsurfer being harassed by his mate. This is why windsurfers convert to kiteboarding!

Windsurfing in light wind sucks. Slogging along, pumping hard, trying to waterstart and kicking your fin. Not to mention the painfully slow act that is slogging along without getting up on the plane.

Kiteboarding in light wind sucks too. But when there's not enough wind to go windsurfing, there IS enough wind to go kiteboarding, so this bloke made sure his mate on a windsurfer knew just how much fun he was having.

That would make any windsurfer think about kiteboarding…

Have you ever had a moment like this? Are you still a windsurfing purist despite the slogging days?