Testing Tails for Airush with Carl Ferreira

Have you ever wondered how your favourite surfboard with ride with a different tail shape? Airush wonder that each and every year, and luckily, they know a guy, who knows a guy with a shaping bay…

The tail of a surfboard makes a HUGE difference to how a board feels under-foot, but also in the way it performs, particularly through high speed, or quick turns. Airush Pro and surfboard tester guru, Carl Ferreira took a stack of boards down to the beach in Cape Town, and gave them a good thrashing to see what worked best.

First, the benchmark, this seasons Cypher was taken for a spin to get into the day, establish a baseline for testing and to blow off the cobwebs. Then the testing began with a pin tail version, and to Carls credit, he totally admitted that he didn't like it. His bottom turns were slipping out, and in the video you can really see he's struggling to ride it smoothly.

A couple boards later, and he was happy with the feedback he'd collected for the day, and much happer with a board sporting a different tail shape. Back to the shaping room for Airush, with some helpful feedback to help them make even better kite surfboards in 2018.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Carl Ferreira testing some new shapes for Airush's 2018 kite surfboards below.