Sydney weather - brace for a storm...

Sydney Storm
Sydney Storm - Major Weather approaching the NSW coast

Sydney Weather doesn't really care whether there is a virus around. A major storm is approaching, and you're encouraged to store any loose items in your back yard so they don't become projectiles.

Strong winds, and up to 100mm of rain are forecast, mainly around the NSW South Coast on Tuesday 14th July 2020, followed by big surf conditions 4, maybe 5 meteres on Wednesay.

It will be a fest of brown arrows with Sydney possibly experiencing gale force winds (35+ knots/64kmh winds) from the south on Tuesday.

So definitely stash the tinny - not a day to go fishing - but the brave, crazy and adventurous windsurfers and kitesurfers might just well hit the ocean in search of epic conditions.

Gale force winds on a windsurfer is where life gets interesting. Many a great day have been add. Kitesurfing can be exciting too, but you really need to play smart and really know your weather - many a keen kitesurfer have paid with their life due to the gusty nature of stormy winds - don't add to the stats. Kite to kite tomorrow.