Ruben Lenten is back with Code Red - Megaloop Practice

Just a month out from the opening of the Red Bull King of the Air event in Cape Town South Africa, Ruben Lenten has dropped his very first video announcing his return.

Mr Magaloop, proclaimed the most extreme kiteboarder on earth, Ruben Lenten was knocked down by a Tumour in 2015 and has spend 2016 on the road to recovery. After a couple of cameo appearances throughout the year, he’s back in action for real this time. Releasing his latest project video titled Code Red, to showcase his extreme style and massive megaloops in the most gnarly conditions on earth.

To find the, he trekked to Iceland, The Netherlands and Ireland to follow storms as they crossed the coast. There was no holding back either, with Lenten proving that he’s still got what it takes to pull a big megaloop, although the conditions weren’t exactly the best he’s come across.

Signalling his return to competitive kiteboarding, Rubens eyes are set on the Red Bull King Of The Air in Capetown. With the event window opening on the 21st of January, the worlds best have been invited to South Africa to ride in the most perfect conditions for megalooping possible. The last two years have more than delivered in action, with some of the heaviest wipeouts ever to be seen in competition, and also the highest loops.

Check out Ruben Lentens return with ‘Code Red’, a story about his return to kiteboarding, and three epic storms he chased down.