"Road Trips Can't Go Wrong" - Len10 Goes to France

A few weeks ago, Ruben Lenten went on record to say 'He's back!'. This week, he proved it, with his latest episode of 'On The Fly', a web series about his road to the top. Again.

Starting out with a secret flat water spot across a train line, the crew worked out how to jump the fence with their kite gear to run across the tracks. Only to find out there was an open gate the whole time. Oh well! The cops showed up with a Police boat to kick them out, and after throwing some kiteloops over it, two more Police Officers showed up on the beach. They helped land the kites, and in return handed Lenten a fine. Which never showed up.

They were pretty stoked, "So then it was a free session anyway! Boo ya!!!!!" Exclaimed Lenten, before they headed off on their next adventure. Chasing a storm off the coast of France, Lenten and his mates jump in the van and get driving. Through traffic, pouring rain and wind lashing the side of the car; they eventually arrive at the spot. While it looked pretty, the wind was only in the high 20 knot range, but they had a session anyway.

"We got there and it only just hit 30 knots, it was beautiful scenery but it wasn't really worth it. But we still had a great session out there and a laugh with the boys. It was a good little road trip, Road Trips can't go wrong."

See for yourself - in Episode 2 of On The Fly, with Ruben Len10 below.