Ride with the Shop Owners at the Naish Dealer Conference

For shop owners and team riders, the annual dealer conferences are a heavenly week of escape from behind the counter, a getaway from the local beach and a chance to test ride/fly the latest models of kite from their major brands.

Maui is the prime location for such a week, and for years the major brands have been inviting the who's who of the retail industry over there. This year was no different, and not only did they get the chance to ride some slick new gear… They scored some amazing kiteboarding conditions.

Just upwind of 'Kite Beach' on Maui, is 'Naish Beach'. It's around the corner, over some rocks (which are an extension of 'the' rocks you've seen in kite movies) and is home to all the newbies. With choppy water and plenty of room it's perfect for testing out foils and cruising around on the allround gear, but out the back is the true magic of kiteboarding on Maui. It's a mellow reef break which gives the opportunity to go left of right, over reef that's not too menacing. Kite brands love it because ANY gear feels great, and when the swell picks up, it just gets better.

Watch the highlights of the 2017 Naish World Dealer Meeting on Maui, where 'real' riders test the new gear and score some epic surfing conditions.