Retired President Barack Obama goes Kitesurfing

What would you do if you'd just retired from being the most powerful leader in the world? If your name is Barack Obama, then you jump on board Richard Branson's private jet and head for the British Virgin Islands. Then go kiteboarding!

Of course in doing the whole president thing, you make some pretty cool friends like Richard Branson of the Virgin empire, who happens to own an island in the British Virgin Islands, and has a kiteboarding instructor on staff. This week the two were hanging out on Necker Island, and decided to have a little competition on the water.

Branson, a seasoned kiteboarder himself had a new toy you see, a Cabrinha Double Agent foil board! As anyone who has tried hydrofoiling will know, your first session on a foil is in many ways HARDER than your first lesson, so that's where the challenge comes in. Branson rides a foil, Obama rides a normal twintip for the very first time. The winner gets; something?

Watch the great little clip of President Barack Obama on his first every day out kiteboarding in the British Virgin Islands here.