Pre Season gear checks for kiteboarders

Now that the kiting season has well and truly begun, perhaps it’s time for you to check your gear before it fails mid session!

Nothing looks more embarrassing than a kite kite rolling down the beach, detached from someones leash and causing havoc amidst the beach goers. Except for maybe a rider getting dragged on his face across a sand bar. Don’t laugh! Both have happened at a beach near you, and it’s because of their failure to check equipment.

Save yourself the embarrassment this summer season by following our quick checklist before your next session. Time is short when the arrows are green, so we’ll keep it quick!

5 Minute Kiteboarding Gear Check

Inspect for damage
oLeash: Webbing, Bungee & Hook
oLeash Quick Release
oHarness straps
oPump hoses and fittings
oLines & Bar Grip
oQuick Release/Suicide Release Mech.
oKite Leading Edge
oBridles, especially around pulleys
oBoard rails, especially heelside
oFootstrap webbing, bolts & laces
oBinding inner linings, laces, mounts
Check for Functionality
oLeash QR, especially if you ride Suicide!
oPump – Pumping air up and down, shaft lubed up.
oChickenloop Quick Release – Releases, and re-engages correctly.
oBinding laces
oOne-Pump Fittings
oPulleys on kite bridle
Replace every year
oSunscreen in your car
oSunglasses – Claim them on tax!
oAquapack (if you use one for your keys)
oFirst Aid Kit - or at least replace the bits you used!