Perth's Best Holidays for Kiteboarding Yet?

There’s nothing better than stuffing your face on a hot Christmas day, than stuffing your face on a hot Christmas day then going kiting. For the next 7 days straight! That’s the situation that Perth kiters and windsurfers were faced with this week, when classic Freo Doctors lined up as far as our forecasts stretched into the future.

South South West. 18-25 knots and temps between 15 and 33 degrees. It doesn’t get much better than that, even on Maui. Perth is undoubtedly the kiteboarding capital of Australia when it comes to weather, as it became clear this week with a quick look around the country.

Sydney certainly wasn’t coming to the party this week, with erratic rain showers, storms and a lacklustre seabreeze hitting 18 knots earlier in the week. Brisbane was foilers paradise, with light winds offering only those with big kites and foils a chance for a ride. This week – it’s storms all round in the arvo with a possible respite next week and a return of the jellyfish and Northeasters.

Down south, there’s nothing to see either. Melbourne’s beaches are in for tops of 25 with the worst kind of arrows for everyone (even the fisherman and paddlers!) YELLOW! Adelaide, same deal. Terrible! Hobart? Nobody kites there anyway. Not this week at least.

So – love kiteboarding? Move to Perth. But you knew that ;-)