Ozone Releases their most versatile kite yet - Chrono V3

The design brief: Improve EVERY aspect of the Chrono V2
Since Ozone brought high performance foil kites to kiteboarding with their original Chrono, they've become trend setters in both the race and foiling scenes, improving both the Chrono and the R1 as required to maintain their position at the top of the foil kite market. In 2018, they've raised the bar higher, with what they call their most versatile foil kite yet - the Chrono V3.

The design brief was simple, yet terrible difficult to accomplish…. "Improve EVERY aspect of the Chrono V2", which was already one of the best selling foil kites on the market.

They had to make it easier to fly, yet faster with more performance. They had to make it inflate faster. And deflate faster. They had to extend the wind range, but shrink the bridle lengths to save weight.

You name it, and Ozone have worked to improve it with this new kite, most notably the outline. The Chrono V3 now sports wider wingtips, making it more user friendly and forgiving (perfect for foilers!). To improve performance, they got technical with the bracing: "Less obvious but perhaps the biggest upgrade are the internal diagonal ribs which help to keep the upper surface clean while creating a more solid internal structure. We have included internal straps to link the tension from the diagonals to the lines in order to create a uniform tension across the span. The upper and lower surface tension has been manipulated to reduce its effect on the internal structure resulting in a cohesive, stiffer wing in flight."

If you're not up with the techno jargon, that means the kite is stiffer, and that's a good thing!

There's a stack of other improvements too, but we'll leave you to investigate for yourself over on the Ozone website. Don't forget to watch the amazing promo vid too, showing off just how versatile the Chrono V3 is with freerider, foilers and weekend racers.