No Stranger to the Inside of an Indo Barrel: Ryland Blakeney

Perth local and one of Australia's few truly 'sponsored' riders , Ryland Blakeney is no stranger to the inside of an Indo barrel. Give the man a kite, a decent swell and a plane ticket - he's there!

When rumors of a solid swell hitting Indonesia popped up on the synoptic charts earlier this year, Ryland Blakeney booked a plane ticket. He had a couple of the new Ozone Reo's to ride, a quiver of surfboards and a guy named Ryan Chatfield with a camera. Sounds like the recipe for an epic kitesurfing clip, and that's what we have for you right here!

Check out Ryland Blakeney shredding at an undisclosed location in Indonesia recently, and see why he's one of Australia's best when it comes to riding waves with a kite.