Listen to the Watersports Legend: Robby Naish.

He's a legend in so many sports, known by so many people, and truly considered as one of the great minds of the watersports industry. Robby Naish has been at the forefront of the industry since 1976, when it all began.

"I've always been called to the water, compelled to push the envelope and explore new territories." Says a very chilled our Naish. "Since earning my first world title in 1976 at the age of 13, I pretty much dedicated my life and energy to progressing the sports that I love."

Those sports he loves, are SUP, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. All fully supported by his company Naish International, which he actively controls and plays a crucial part in. Like rivals Cabrinha, with Pete Cabrinha as a figurehead, these two companies share a common trait in that their main men LOVE the ocean. You can see it in their faces, hear it in their narration and feel it when you ride their gear.

Looking back at just how far we've come. I'm still filled with an undying curiosity to see what lies just beyond the horizon ~ Robby Naish

In Naish's 2018 product release, you can listen to Robby Naish share stories about where the company began, where they are now, and what's planned for the future. It's a glimpse into the minds of one of watersports greats, and well worth a watch.