Learn how to Raley with Ewan Jaspan

Learn how to do the Raley with Ewan Jaspan
Once you’ve mastered backrolls and front rolls, the next trick on your list should be the unhooked raley. It looks like an attempt at impersonating Superman over the water, and feels great when you land a good one. Best of all, crashing a Raley doesn’t hurt too bad, because there’s no kiteloops or rotations.

Freestyle legend from Melbourne, Ewan Jaspan has been doing Raleys since before he had hair on his armpits, so who better to show you the trick that gets those pits out in the breeze?

“Today we’re going to learn how to do a Raley.” Starts off Jaspan, who now has more hair on his face than his pits. “Bear off downwind, unhook and have the kite at 45 degrees. Progressively load up our edge, keep our arms and core nice and strong, and as we take off we want to scoop and throw our legs out behind us. As we throw our legs out, we want to straighten out our body and let our arms go to about eye level. At the peak of the jump we spot out landing, pull everything back in towards ourselves and our legs back underneath us – land downwind, ride away and hook back in.”

Easy as that! Watch the video to see how Ewan does it, and next session get out there and give it a Raley a try!