Kiteboarding Underwater - When diving meets kiteboarding

This is not a photoshop manipulation...

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you could kiteboarder under the water, rather than on it? Photographer Noustha Koeckhoven has, and together with the team from Blade Kites, worked on an incredible set of images capturing this strange concept.

When something is designed for watersports, it's designed to float. Boards, harnesses, kites, bars, lines; you name it - it's meant to float. So getting an entire kitesurfing setup to stay underwater is no small task! It took the group three attempts to match their gear, and the conditions to what resulted in the photo above. Plus some pretty good diving skills (and breath holding ability).

Is it practical? Not a bit. Is it interesting? Absolutely. Check out the video below of legendary underwater photographer Noustha Koeckhoven and the team from Blade going kiteboarding underwater.