Kiteboarding Safety Tips with Lenten and Zoon

When it comes to kiteboarding in extreme weather, Youri Zoon and Ruben Lenten know a thing or two more than most, so they’ve teamed up with the KNRM to film a short safety video about kiteboarding safety.

Since Rubens return to the water, he’s taken a different tack. Gone are the mega-tricks and death defying stunts – In are the educational, inspirational and motivational videos that will turn you into a better kiteboarder. This vid’s firmly in the latter category, and filmed in conjunction with the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (which somehow forms the acronym KNRM), might just save your life.

They’re spreading the message about a few simple safety factors that affect all kiteboarders, so listen up!

1: Tell someone where you’re going kiteboarding.
2: Ride with a buddy
3: Check the forecast before you go, and make sure it matches the real world conditons on arrival.
4: Know and accept your skill level.
5: Help out anyone in need, and don’t be afraid to call for help.