Kiteboarders from 2017, riding a kite from 1996!

2 Lines, No Leash, No straps - that's how it was done back in 1996!

Back in 1996, kiteboarding was hardcore. Riders feared their own kites, affording them generous amounts of respect because they were MASSIVE at 6.5m (was that projected, length or area?). People were hurt, egos were bruised, and many a rider found themselves beign dragged through the water faster than they care to remember. But kiteboarding was cool, and brought about a comradery between the riders that's unbreakable.

A few of the riders from the North Shore of Oahu in 1996 are still there, they've grown old together, shared their kites around from numerous sponsors, borrowed, loaned, given away more gear than you could count. But one of them, kept a 1996 model Wipika Classic in the garage, and this week they brought it down to the beach for a session.

The three are legends, Felix Pivek, Top Hat, and Reo Stevens, who used to be the local grommie, and is now one of Cabrinha's top freeriders. You know Top Hat, everyone knows him from 'that' video, shot in the very same location as this one on the North Shore of Oahu. You know, "Hey look, there's a guy up there!". Felix, legendary rider for Airush years ago, now on Switch and Firewire.

They can all ride obviously, but just how well can they ride on a 2 line Wipika Classic? Turns out, pretty good! Check it out for a laugh, and an appreciation for modern kiteboarding equipment with depower.