Kiteboarders Ride with Friendly Shark at Dolls Point, Sydney

The crew from Kite Cartel in Sydney do some pretty cool stuff. They're not a shop, not quite a team, just a group of guys and girls who love kiteboarding and hanging out.

This week, while kitesurfing off Dolls Point in metro Sydney, a commotion further up the beach caught Adam Cartmer's attention, and when he walked upwind to see what was going on, came toe to toe with a shark!

Happy just swimming around in the shallows, dorsal fin exposed, this shark wasn't threatening to the local kiteboarders who were on the water. While some chose to stand on shore for a while, some got straight back out there, even laying into a carve right next to the big guy.

Check out the video below of kiteboarders riding around a shark at Sydney's Dolls Point.