Kiteboard 4 Cancer in it's 10th Year

“Kiteboarding 4 Cancer is a festival for all that celebrates life through the healing powers of the elements, benefiting a cause that affects all of us – cancer” “The main event is a 6-hour endurance kiteboarding race that challenges even the most fit watermen & women physically and mentally. This is the Kite Derby, designed to embody the battle that someone facing cancer endures every day.”

Have you ever kiteboarded for 6 hours straight? No breaks! Chances are you haven’t, because such a display of endurance isn’t easy! Nor is the battle with Cancer, and that’s just what the event Kiteboard 4 Cancer has been showing people for 10 years now in the Hood River, Oregon. With such a great vibe, fantastic kiting conditions and support from everyone on the beach Kiteboarding 4 Cancer stands tall as one of the best kiteboarding events in the world.

How do you keep more than 150 kiteboarders from running into each other in the narrow Hood River though? You set a Derby course. Three buoys, lap counters on the beach, ready, set, kite! The winner is the person who does the most laps in 6 hours, and it’s open to everyone (as long as they can ride upwind). Sponsors pay by the lap usually, so the more laps, the more dollars get contributed!

Watching it in action is a sight to behold,so check out their promo video for the 2016 Kiteboard 4 Cancer. It’s only a month to go before it all begins, so keep an eye out for riders seeking donations for this great kiteboarding event.