Kite Surfer For Sale - A Guide to Kitesurfing Terminology

Want to buy this guy? Search for 'Kitesurfer for sale'...
Have you just searched for the title of this article – kite surfer for sale?

Thousands do, only to find they have a steep learning curve ahead of them. Not just in skills when you get your gear out on the water (in your lessons) but in terms of learning the lingo!

To help you get the most from your searches, and your conversations at the beach, we’ve put together this guide to kitesurfing terminology.

First up, lets explain what that title means, and why so many people call the equipment used for kitesurfing a ‘kitesurfer’.

Kitesurfing Gear/Equipment/Kit: Is the collective term for all the stuff used for kitesurfing. Made up of a kite, board, and harness, the setup doesn’t really have a proper collective term like the sports of Windsurfing (which is windsurfer), or sailing (which is boat).

Instead, each component of a kiteboarding setup is referred to individually. To find a kite for sale, you might search for ‘kitesurfing kite for sale’. Boards are a bit easier, as they’re called ‘kiteboards’.

The term kitesurfer, as in ‘kitesurfer for sale’ would actually refer to a person who kiteboards, being for sale. Kitesurfers, or kiteboarders is the term used for us, those who kiteboard.

So what about the rest of the kiteboarding lingo? Here’s a few terms that might seem weird to you, but totally normal to an experienced kiteboarder.

Chicken Loop: The connection between a kitesurfers harness and their bar. Now, some brands are steering away from chicken loops altogether.

Twintip: A kiteboard that is symmetrical, and can be ridden both directions. These are the standard boards in kiteboarding.

Strapless: You don’t need footstraps to kiteboard, and many ride conventional surfboards around. If it doesn’t have footstraps, then you’re riding ‘strapless’.

Wakestyle: You might hear the term ‘wakestyle’ thrown around in connection with riders using wakeboard bindings, and doing wakeboard style tricks.

Pumping Up: You might get asked the question, ‘What are you pumping up?’ on the beach, and the rider is simply asking for the size of your kite.

Do you have a term that’s used by kiteboarders, that you didn’t quite understand as a learner? Let us know, or chat about it in the community forums!