Kite Surf World Champ Crowned in Dakhla.

Aussie ripper Keahi De Aboitiz couldn’t hold on to the Cape Verdean master, Mitu Monteiro in last weeks Kite Surf World Championships in Dakhla, Morroco, but he’s cool with that.

Mitu has been on the world tour for a long, LONG time now, at 34 years old he’s one of the senior guys on tour, and it’s been a long time between drinks for him lately. Last week though, he showed those kids how it’s done, with not one, but two podium finishes in the GKA!

“It was a bit hard you know. I was lucky and got some really nice waves. The last one I got was nice one, like a really long one. Then in the strapless I tried to make some tricks landing really perfect. I’m so stoked!”
That’s Mitu, who used his all F-One/Manera setup to make the best of the tiny conditions. Waves were only knee high for most of the final, with 2 solid waves rolling in; and Mitu got both of them.

“It was a tough one, we went into that final hoping for waves, and unfortunately it was a pretty slow heat with not many waves.” Explains Keahi. “I think he got the two best waves, but I’m really stoked for Mitu, it’s been a long time since he’s won an event and he completely deserves it.”

Fresh off the podium, Mitu headed over to Fuerteventura for the 2017 GKA Kite-Surf World Tour. But what’s a surf tour doing in a notoriously flat location? Strapless Freestyle was on the cards this time, and it was a crowd favourite who took the top prize.

The aptly named Airton Cozzolino is no doubt the master of strapless freestyle. That’s the art of performing aerial tricks on a surfboard, with a kite, and no footstraps. Just take a look at the highlights reel below to see what it’s all about, and yes, they are kiteloops these guys are chucking!