Kai Lenny Foils 11 waves in a row - without ever paddling!

About as close to superman as you can get...
Free of his bonds to sponsor Naish, Kai Lenny feels light as a feather - so light, he's defying the laws of gravity at home on Maui right now.

How many waves do you catch in a foiling session? Most of us would be stuffed after 11 waves, and head for the beach. That might take an hour on a good day?

Not Kai Lenny, he just smashed his own record (and surely a world record too) for the most waves foiled on without falling off the foil. He paddles in, and pumps his way in and out for 11 waves in 6 minutes, foiling the whole time! He's so good, he even has time to sit down on the foil and kid around, then hop back up again to pump back out for the next one. "The possibilities are still endless for what can be done on tiny waves with a foil." Explains Kai this week, "Riding waves without ever paddling is in the foreseeable future!"

It's insane stuff, made possible by the latest generation SUP foils from Go Foil. They're getting bigger, more efficient and easier to ride than ever before, so drop by your local dealer and have a try.