Just for Jumping - Ozone Announces Edge V9

The kite development world has been in a state of transition for the last 5 years, as racing and hydrofoils have burst onto the scene. It needed it; kites were getting a bit same-old as everyone refined the hybrid-C shapes and general freeride hybrids. Racers started wanting higher and higher aspect kites, so Ozone adapted their legendary Edge – a high aspect freeride kite that the old school riders loved for it’s crazy boosting potential, into a race kite. That took away some of the lift and float time, in favour of better upwind angles and low-end performance.

Then they made the Chrono, and everything changed. The kite development world got the shakeup it needed, and racers transitioned to foil kites exclusively. What was left of the poor old Edge? No racers use them (except in the tiny sizes), so Ozone have brought back the big-boosting freeride kite that everyone loves.

With new airfoils and an adjusted bridle, the Edge is now easier to fly for the average freerider, and relaunches incredibly easy thanks to re-shaped wingtips. It’s more powerful through the turns, and provides plenty of bar feedback to the rider – things that you want if you’re going to be floating 20m high.

The first shipment of Ozone Edge V9’s are on the water now and will be in stores soon, so drop by your local dealer and put your name down on a demo. The Edge is back!!!