Join Kiteboarding Australia Today

Do you like hanging out with a community of kiteboarders who are passionate about the same things?

Do you know what you would do if you had a kiting accident that hurt someone who was on the beach?

Do you have the funds to pay if you destroy someone's property when kiting?

Do you want to make sure we can continue to enjoy the sport in all its forms at all the best locations?

Do you want to have events run in your local community including competitions, downwinders and much more?

Do you want to see the sport grow, professionalize and develop?

Did you answer yes to any of the above? Join us today...

Kiteboarding Australia (and our awesome state associations) are the peak governing body forthe sport of kiteboarding here in Australia. We work to develop, promote and support the sport of kiteboarding in all its forms. We support events (both groundroots and national level), we accredit kiteboarding schools and develop training programs, we advocate for the sport of kiting with local government and state government.

Best of all a Kiteboarding Australia membership is not all about giving back, it gives you an automatic membership to the state association of your residence and so much more:

  • KA provides the most comprehensive and well regarded insurance coverage for kiteboarders in Australia.
  • KA membership encompasses $20m third party liability and extensive personal accident cover.
  • The insurance is for a full 12 month period regardless of what month you join in.
  • Registered individual members receive a KA card and a harness ‘Tag’ in recognition of their membership of KA. The harness tag identifies to people and authorities that the member is both a safe kiteboarder and has appropriate insurance coverage whilst undertaking kiteboarding activities.
  • Find out more about our insurance policy here.
Compete in Events
  • KA membership means that you can enter into any KA Sanctioned events. These include National Events, Events run by State Associations, many of the "big name" events in Australia including Lighthouse to Leighton and Across the Bay
Support your Sport
  • We communicate with councils who have queries about kiteboarders and kiteboarding schools
  • We provide accreditation and insurance to help kiteboarding schools grow and provide a quality service, imporving the image of the sport
Discounts & Benefits
  • KA membership gives you access to discounts offered by our member benefit partners (see below)
  • We are currently negotiating an exceptional discount offer for all our members, stay tuned
Keep Beaches Open
  • KA and your local state association will work to keep your beach access open to all kiteboarders
  • We will advocate for you to receive adequate infrastructure to kite safely in your area